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         Electric Kettle TDS Detection Pen Set

$65.00 $69.99 Ex Tax: $65.00

● Built-in CR2032 button battery● Accurately detect the purity of water in the home● It can detect three kinds of impurities in water. Calcium ion, magnesium ion, etc. Acetic acid amine, sulfonic acid hook, etc. ● Chromium, zinc, lead, copper, etc.● Soluble salts, ionic organics, heavy metal ions● Keep abreast of the purity of water in your home● The purity of the water before and afte..

        1907 Mini Small Desktop Cartoon Heater

$22.00 $23.68 Ex Tax: $22.00

Main Features:● Material: flame retardant ABS + iron mesh● Voltage: AC110V● Three seconds of fast heat, overheat protection● Power: 350W SpecificationDimensions and Weight Product weight: 0.6000 kg Package weight: 0.8000 kg Package Contents ..

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